Adult Speech Pathology WA - Assessment, Treatment and Education
Accreditation Services
What services do we offer to assist with Accreditation?
Along with our full compliment of Therapy Services, Adult Speech Pathology WA can assist your company towards achieving Accreditation through providing the following quality improvement projects:
Educational Pamphlets
We can create educational pamphlets for staff, residents and their families based on the needs of your company. Our 'Modified Diets' pamphlets are particularly popular!
Menu Reviews
We can review your menus and advise on suggestions based on Dysphagia recommendations at your site. Why not link this with our "Preparing Modified Diets" seminar to equip your staff with the skills to modify a wide variety of foods safely on site.
Policies and Procedures
We can provide consultation and advise in the creation of policy and procedures related to Dysphagia and safe eating.
Staff Handbooks
We can assist in the creation of Staff Handbooks related to Dysphagia and safe eating practices.
Staff Development Training
We offer a wide range of educational and training seminars. Please see our 'Education and Training' tab for further details.
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