Adult Speech Pathology WA - Assessment, Treatment and Education
Therapy Services
Where do we assess?
Adult Speech Pathology WA is a fully mobile business servicing the Perth metropolitan area. We are available to visit individuals in the following environments:
            - Aged Care Facilities             - Group Homes
            - Acute Hospitals                    - Private Homes
What services do we offer the client?
Adult Speech Pathology WA can assess, diagnose and provide treatment in a range of clinical areas including:
AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication)
The establishment of alternative means to communicate other than speech. AAC can be low tech such as a communication board or high tech such as an electronic communication device.
Aphasia (Language)
Difficulty with the production and/or comprehension of spoken and/or written language.
Dysarthria (Speech)
Speech may sound slurred or unclear due to muscle weakness and/or uncoordinated movement.
Dysphagia (Swallow)
Difficulty with eating, drinking and/or swallowing (eg. tablets).
Dyspraxia (Speech)
Difficulty planning, positioning and ordering the muscle movements to produce speech.
Hearing Loss and Communication
Difficulty with communication as a result of hearing loss.
Oral Mouth Care
Difficulty in attending to oral mouth care for individuals who have difficulty swallowing.
Palliative Care
Consultation in communication and swallowing to ensure the client's needs are met in communicating for symptom control and decision making as well as comfort.
Pragmatics (Social Skills)
Difficulty with the social use of language and the rules that govern social interactions.
Xerostomia (Dry Mouth)
Dry mouth due to lack of saliva. May lead to difficulty speaking, difficulty eating and contribute to poor oral health.
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